Intertech Machinery Inc.


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Technical mouldings for PC,PMMA,clear parts
Plastic TV Mould
Automotive solutions & application
PVC pipe fitting mold
OEM&ODM manufacture pipe fitting mold
Plastic pipe fitting mould
Pipe fitting molding
Baby product molding
Silicone molding
Injection moulding
Mold testing
3 platen mold making
OEM plastic mold
OEM plastic mould
Plastic injection mold
Plastic mold
Plastic mold maker
Plastic mold manufacturing
Precision injection mold
Auto injection mold
Mold making
Plastic bucket mould
Metal parts die
Stamping die
Our 3D Printing Capability
Silicone compression molding
5-90 OEM & ODM molding
Auto part molds
Collapsible core molds
Examples1 Working for plastic injection molding factory and plastic manufacturers in Dubai
Examples2 Working for one product designer & industria engineering designer company in Nertherland
Examples3 Ladybug plastic mold & molding parts
Examples4 We can use our own 3D printer to verify all our technical idea and mechanism point
For Inventor
For mold steel selection
Injection molds
Injection tooling
mold maker and molding factory for inventor
Plastic mold and molding
Construction & building technology mold
Earplug molding
Elbow pipe fitting
Electronic mold service
Filter drain tooling
House mold & home appliances molding
Lighting fixture molding
Medical & pharmaceutical equipment molding
Plastic fitting mold
Custom moulding solutions
Liquid Silicone Mouthguard Molding
Mass production
Medical oxygen mask
Mold production
Mold sampling
Mold trial
Mouthpiece tube
Plastic molded parts
Series production
Small pilot run
Umbrella check valves molding
Plastic box mould
Injection closure molding
4 hole cover mold
Plastic container mold
Plastic watering can mold
Plastic floor gullies mold
Mowing parts mold
Irrigation Dripper Mold
Injection cosmetic mold
PPS Plastic Mold Making
Sealing ring mold
Spark plug mold
Rubber seal mold
Nipple mold
Pacifier mold
Rubber compression mold
Liquid Silicone Rubber Mold
Tension ring mold
Silicone earplug mold
LSR mold
Ear plug mold
Compression mold
Bicycle rubber handle mold
Die sets
Packaging parts molding
Lids caps mold
Engineering plastics molding
Plastic injection mould
Quality injection mold
Tooling mold
Interchangeable core molding
Collapsible core molding
Mold Design Center and Mold Making Process
Mold Development
Mold Making Capability in Mechanism design
Mold Making Equipments