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Europe-Sweden-plastic carrier, connector molds and parts

Title:  In 2013, Teper Packagaing, a leading food processing solution and equipment
          Supplier in Sweden, North Europe, came to us for making many plastic carrier,
          connector molds and parts

    Teper Packagaing is a leading food processing solution and equipment supplier in Sweden.  They provide entire processing applications and processing equipment to their customer in food production industry in Scandinavia.  They need a lot of plastic parts to be developed, to be made and to be used in their application and equipment.
    Their development engineer came to us for working many tooling project and production service project.  In such development project cooperation, parts size requires to be adjusted very often to fit for their different equipment’s design need.  

    Therefore, we can do the service by adjusting the mold many times for getting new samples, and testing the new sample by assembling the new parts on their different equipment need.  We had made them many plastic carrier mold and parts, connectors mold and parts. 
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