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3-2-1 Earplug mold

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Ear plug mold project is a quite hot service that Intertech provides.  We help customer to develop many different silicone earplug molds…such as musical silicone earplug mold, sleep silicone earplug mold, baby earplug…etc.  Especially, Intertech is very good in producing different colors earplugs from those molds.  Those colors follow Pantone’s international standard.  After the exemplification, Intertech can always produce an very stable color and quality earplug product from the earplug mold that we made constantly in each production lot. 

Customer is very satisfied with our performance.  Our earplug mold making and molding service make our customer achieving high commercial benefit and reputation from their end user target customers side.  Welcome those customers who need our earplug mold service to contact us.