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We are especially good in making custom mold projects , we cooperate very well with all industrial designers, plant managers, inventors and investors.
We cooperate-help them to build up their product design, making prototype to view (3D printing service is available), making sample mold, making production pilot run, making mass production mold-product, making printing, assembly, packingetc.  And the most important thing is : we provide all pricing information and timing information to them.  In other words, we are capable in carrying out their idea (project) into real products.

The following four comics is designed by Intertech particularly for helping the communication in between Intertech and Intertech’s four major customers, the industrial designer, plant managers, inventor and investors.  Those comics explains the manufacturing process of ordering a mold and the way how Intertech helps them to order the mold.  Also, those comics explains the way how Intertech helps customer to make the mold design and to get a proper quotation from Intertech.