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The difference in between For industrial and For consumer in this category is in its project end piece item difference.  In “For industrial” category, all projects are mainly related to the technical and critical parts, the components, the items applied and needful on industrial finished products examples.  In “For consumer” category, all projects are for end user’s consumer project item examples.

In “For industrial” folder, we share our customer examples.  They are customers from USA, middle east, Europe and other countries, many of them are famous company in their industry.  In our cooperation, Intertech customizes the mold for them, such as medical container molds and lid molds, plastic unscrewing mold, floor drain mold, connector mold and accessory mold…etc.  By studying these customer examples, you can understand better of your requirement and realize more of what Intertech can provide to you.  Welcome to contact us for more information about our customer examples.