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4 Specific molding

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Except providing regular molding service, Intertech is also good in providing specific molding services..such as ……
  • "Collapsible Core Molding (mostly applied on any cap project, pipe fitting project or any other undercut items projects);
  • "Color Plastic Overmolding Scraper” (any soft plastic material to overmolding hard plastic material projects);
  • "Engineering Plastics Molding” (any PA66-GF30, POM or PBT parts molding projects);
  • "Insert molding” (two molds to manage one parts to be done first, another one to do the insert molding job after);
  • "Interchangeable core molding” (especially for those various similar series parts production from only making one mold project)
  • "Multi-color molding” (we manage many plastic and silicone product projects which requires multi color matching and many color compounding product molding job).
  • "Multi-component molding” (we design turnable inlet on mold, so customer can make many different kind of product on one same mold as a multi-component molding project, or customer can produce only any one single component out of such multi-component mold)
  • "OEM & ODM molding” (per customer's need, we make OEM & ODM molding job)
  • "Other technical mouldings” (we are very professional in running any PC, PMMA, lens, super high gloss and optical goods molding job)
  • "Packaging parts molding” (we do thin-wall product molding job for any packaging product project)
  • "Unscrewing molding” (we are both good in design forced ejection molding parts job and unscrewing molding parts job)