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8 Industrial designer & engineering company cooperation area

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We are especially good in cooperating with any industrial designer and engineering company. During their product developing period, Intertech always plays a very good role in checking their original parts design to see whether it can be made a real mold and carry out the real product in the end…., we make any type of plastic milled prototype, 3D printing prototype, silicone prototype mold-samples and metal prototype.

In pre-series, Intertech runs small pilot products for them to check all sizes accuracy and functional .assembly modification…and even coating the product…etc to help them to carry the product on the market. All industrial designer and engineering company like us very much…we also provide all kind of pricing information for them in short time.

  • 3D printer to verify technical idea
  • Industrial design
  • Industrial designer & engineering company cooperation area
  • Mold Development – the key to success for industry transforming.