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3-1 Plastic injection mold

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Intertech has been working on plastic injection mold sector for many years. As an International exporter, we pay attention to customer's satisfaction very much.
In Plastic injection mold sector, we provide the best quality of plastic container mold4 hole cover moldAuto injection moldInjection closure moldingInjection cosmetic moldIrrigation Dripper MoldMowing parts moldPlastic floor gullies moldPlastic watering can moldPPS Plastic Mold Making.  If you have other plastic custom mold requirement, welcome to contact us, too, we will provide best possible high quality service to you. 

  • 3-1-1 Plastic container mold
  • 4 hole cover mold
  • Auto injection mold
  • Injection closure molding
  • Injection cosmetic mold
  • Irrigation Dripper Mold
  • Mowing parts mold
  • Plastic floor gullies mold
  • Plastic watering can mold
  • PPS Plastic Mold Making