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2 Molding

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Intertech is a reliable, well developed and professional factory for making “plastic injection molding”, “silicone molding”, “liquid silicone rubber molding”, “punch die molding in Taiwan.  Our steady guarantee to our customers is the molding products that we make is with superior quality and competitive price constantly.

 Regarding the molding service, Intertech has an very detailed introduction here. Welcome those customers who has the requirement of plastic injection molding, silicone molding, liquid silicone rubber molding and punch die molding to contact us. We will provide the best possible high quality service to you.

  • 2-1 Plastic injection molding
  • 2-2 Silicone molding
  • 2-3 Liquid silicone rubber molding
  • 2-4 Punch die molding
  • 2-5 Molding service