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Custom mold for the Industrial designer

Custom mold for the Industrial designer - We can help industrial designer to design a new mold


For the Industrial designer who alresdy has parts 2D, 3D, they need to know the price for making the custom mold and the parts from Intertech...XD...???...$$$ 

Industrial designer: I have parts 2D, 3D, how to proceed this??
Intertech: Ok, let me...see!! 

Intertech:  You need to make the custom mold first...!
Industrial designer: Ok, how much is the custom mold?
Intertech:Ok, let's send you custom mold cost!

​Industrial designer: How much is the parts unit price?
Intertech: This is up to your plastic material selected and the quantity required..., tell me your need...!!

​Industrial designer: I need to know the timing for all works?
Intertech: Ok, let's send you all timing report!!


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