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Custom mold for Investor

Custom mold for Investor-OEM mold service to Investor


For Investor who sees a great idea to improve the exisiting product for its function or appearance, but who has no parts drawing, he cames to Intertecg for asking help...... 

Investor: If this can be made out, it will make big sell, but I have sketch and sample only without parts 2D/3D, can you help me...?
Intertech: Ok, let me ...see !!

Intertech: First, you need to make reverse-engineering to build up the parts size...!!
Investor: Ok, tell me... how much will this custom mold cost me?
Intertech: Well, let's quote to you...!!

Intertech: Then, you need to make a new mcustom mold...
Investor: Well, how much will that cost me?
Intertech: Ok, we will send our quote to you!

Intertech: Then, you need produce the parts out of the new custom mold, tell me the material and quantity you require, we will quote to you...!!!
Investor: Ok, that's great!


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