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Custom mold for Inventor

Custom mold for inventor-How can we help inventor to make mold and molding


For Inventor(new idea developers, new idea designers...) who wants to know all working custom mold process info. from Intertech...XD???...$$$ 

Inventor: Hei, I have a great business idea!!!
Intertech: Yes,tell me......! 

Inventor: How to proceed to make a custom mold true???
Intertech: Well, need to carry out 2D/3D, CAD first
Inventor: How much will this CAD cost me?
Intertech: Ok, let's quote to you...!!

Inventor: Then, how to proceed next step...??
Intertech: you need to make a new custom mold!!
Inventor: How much will this custom mold cost me...??
Intertech: Ok, we will quote you...!!

Inventor: I need to produce the parts from the custom mold, how much is the unit cost?
Intertech: well, let me caculate the cost for you...!!

Inventor: Also, may I know the lead time of making CAD, custom mold and parts? 
Intertech: let's give you all the timing report!! 




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