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Die sets

Die sets

Die sets
* Progressive Die Sets
* This is the metalworking tool and die sets that can encompass
  punching, coining, bending and the way of
  modifying metal material, with an automatic
  feeding system.
*Per customer's die sets design, we make good quality of
  stamping die sets and progressive die sets for
  those metal components and casting die sets mold which can be used in
  various industries.  We offer a wide range of
  stamping parts feature high conductive
  properties and good stability.
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Mold Description




Punch die

We are a professional punch die making factory with Hasco standad, European standar quality.
We are experienced in building the dies for stamping, bening & punching for forming metal parts in OEM & ODM projects.
We use German and Japan imports steel to make our die sets, steel available with Buderus, Assab, AISI & JIS, P20, H13, Starvax 420. - We are capable in dealing aluminum stamping die, sheet metal stamping die & stainless steel stamping die.
We provide cutomized molding, coating & assembly service as well.
We can also make a specialized tooling to cut or to shape material for custom-made projects need.
The press die we make can cover a wide range of products from simple metal parts to complex metal pieces.
Progressive pressing die and bending die is availabel per each project need.

For mold design, …

1. The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, I-Deas, Cimetron, Auto-Cad &

2. Cutomer can send 2D, 3D, by .igs .stp, formats to us.
3. We can provide mold flow analysis service.
4. Mold design (with the best optimized mold water channel arrangement design and
    the best cycle time performance consideration design)

    In addition, CNC milled prototype, 3D printing prototype, prototype mold making service, fixture / jig making or welding horn design and making are available in Intertech with good experience !

    We need 2D, 3D parts design to start our job, we can sign NDA (if needed)
For mold making:

  When making mold project, per customer’s requirement for mold steel material, we choose the suitable mold steel grade for our customers.  We have high quality German and Japan imports mold steel material to proceed our mold project making. Then, the gating way will be discussed, the mold surface will be discussed, the mold cooling channel design will be checked, the operation style will be discussed, the molding machine size will be determined and the mold mechanism in actual production movement will all be checked as well.  Only after our mold engineers discussing with our customers for the mold engineering in detail, we will proceed with our mold making job.

Safety/Quality Approvals


Mold Order Process

Mold Shipping Process
Other 1

For Mold Inquiry, Customer Must prepare:
1. Product drawing with 2D(.dwg)and 3D (.igs, .stp…etc)?
2. Advise product material (ex. Plastic ,rubber, silicone rubber or metal…etc )?
3. Molding machine tonnage size and platen size?
4. The cavity number of the mold that you want us to quote?
5. Mold steel grade that you want us to quote?
6. Hot runner or cold runner mold required?
7. Mold gating inlet preferred?
8. Mold ejection way preferred?
9. Other related information required …(ex. Polishing , texture, engraving …etc)

For Molding Products Inquiry , customer must prepare:
1. Products material required? (ex. Plastics, rubber , silicone , metal…etc)
2. Products quality required in total?
3. Delivery time required?
4. Post machining or not information? (ex. Chromed plate.., painting …etc)
5. Assembly or not information?
6. Packing or not information?

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