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4 Cavity Spray Applicator Mold (Oprational Instruction)


For the safe transporation consideration, when we did the mold packing, the hydralic cylinder and housing had been disassemblied firstly.  When this mold arrives your end, install them on (there is an installation direction, just locking it!)
Our hydraulic cylinder is a rather precisive-sensing type. Cylinder body is made by stainless steel..and attach with sensing switch.  Its function is the same as a regular limited switch.  You may set its movement function as your need.

For making sure the mold operational safety, the safety switch is set for ejection plate returnning. So, when the mold does not return back the proper position, the mold can not be closed… that the mold is protected. This is a high class water proof switch, even it is splashed by water, it can still be used.

2016-07-28_112411 2016-07-28_112426

The marking of IN-OUT in on each water channel inlet.
Install them, it is done !

The hydraulic cylinder connector is attched on cylinder.
Our parts unscrewing mold design is to push the cylinder cylinder out (this movement is mentioned on the cylinder's housing). Connect the right direction of the cylinder, it is done!
The parts unscrewing ejection movement, per illustrated here !
2016-07-28_112411 2016-07-28_112411 2016-07-28_112411 2016-07-28_112411

Mold loading on the machine, water channel installation..same as the way done on the regular molds.


Interchangeable model :
For changing different model, our design is easy to change. It only needs to disassemble the slide and core, then, the change can be done. Changin from the front side of the core mold need to disassemble the whole set mold. It is easy to understand from right side illustration.., there are markings on all small cores, too, install them back when you finish changing different model.., then, it is done !

When the maintenance is needed, for such unscrewing mold, it gets to be careful for assembling issue. Especially, in this mold, there is a certain thread key positionning demand, so, it can not be assemblied randomly. For simplifying the assembly and easy to distinguish and to avoid the mistake, we all put the
marking on key assembling position, on parts and on mold base. Customer needs to follow them exactly, then, the mold can be installed properly. After running some time, we assume the most possible consumable parts will be on the gear rack (which sustains the largest force in mold).Though such possibility is not to much, we still attach with one rack for your future need. After disassembling it, you need only to follow the right marking position and install
the new one back. Then, it is done!

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