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The Application of Reversed Engineering


The Application of Reversed Engineering

reversed engineering chart

As time goes by, the computer sofeware and hardare development continues their advanced developing, this makes 3D computer assisted design and manufacturing progressing fast, too. Especially in medical industry and mold industry, their usage for computerizing has even been changed a lot. 3D CAD/CAM tremendously simplifies the mold development time, so, it has great role in product development sector and automation production sector.
Industrial technology has been elevated continuously, also, the products is needed with multi variety and complexity, furthermore, the product’s life cycle has been reduced. Therefore, the task for how to make the product design and complete the manufacturing within the shortest time in order to be able to control the market becomes a very important things to the investor.

However, not all the products has parts design drawing. The profile of the products might be made by an old master or a designer by hands job, then, by a very aboriginal way, they made a profile very similar like mold. However, even though, by such making process, it was quite troublesome and it still could not generate 3D CAD data)

For overcoming these problems, the reversed engineering technology is invented and applied. By applying the reversed engineering technology, the product’s design and manufacturing can be completed fastly. And it can be applied in automobile parts, scooter parts, sports equipment parts, medical assisted tools, home appliance parts, rapid prototyping : such as precision casting products, industrial model design…etc., applied for human shape measurement, such as : skeleton, artificial ribs, teeth and complicated curved face measurement…etc.
The reversed engineering means for when managing one working item (sample or hand made prototype), by using 3D digitalization measurement instrutment to get the profile data fastly and to establish curved face, after editing, modifying, sending data to a general CAD/CAM system. From CAM ‘s cutting tools NC machining path, sending to CNC machining needed mold, or sending to rapid prototyping machine to make the sample model out. Then, again, by using rapid mold technology to proceed low quantity, high variety samples’ copy job. This system will intergrate contact type and non-contact type of measurement system. Contact type 3D measurement system applies on high precision dimension geometry demand, and non contact type 3D scan measurement system majorly applies on those measurement on rather complicated curved face data !
Then, to use rapid prototyping technolog, means to say, to establish a closed 3D actual model in CAD/CAM system and to make sure all levelage sections are all closed. Then, convertting this 3D actual model into STL format. In other words, by using many triangles model to be close to the model curved face. The model which is with large curvature change needs more triangle model, so, its STL file will be bigger.

There is a STL Editor (Slicing Software in rapid protype machine computer which can cut the model into slice pieces and analysis its section area. The section area can use liquided or powdered type of solid slices bonding and forming the parts by stacking.
Many projects from customers in Intertech are from OEM to ODM, so, no matter in product development, design process and mass production way, reversed engineering has been the development of customer’s design spindle. By providing such reversed engineering technology service, Intertech has successfully helped our customers to shorten their new product development cycle and increase their new product to be launched in the market.