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Europe- Netherland-ear plugs


Product designer, looking for mold maker and production factory

Project : Ear plugs 
Customer: Veecom
Location:  Nertherland 

Title:  Veecom, an excellent product design and an industrial engineering company in Nertherland, Europe, came to us for making silicone ear plugs prototype mold, prototype ear plugs sample, mass production mold & ear plugs product for one of their important customer who makes professional ear plugs group of products in Europe since 2003 till now.

    Veecom is an excellent product design and engineering company in Nertherland, Europe. 

    In 2003, one of their key customers wanted them to design function apply ear plugs product for them, such as the ear plugs applied for sleep, music, disco, factory & school purpose…etc.  Veecom designs them very good ear plugs product by purifying and filtering the noise sound with every specific accurate size and shape design for different function.  Meanwhile, Veecom had to find a long term mold maker and a  production factory to carry on all the manufacturing things for them.  
    For manufacturing, they need to choose a cost competitive, a technical capable, a silicone material…mold…molding application knowledge sound expert and a safe reliable partner who they can trust and who will not copy their copyright.. to work for them.  

    They selected to work with Intertech, because we have good communication capability, high commitment level, fast responding speed and technical capability & knowledge both in plastics and silicone material, also covering in mold making and molding production, and one important factor more, because 100% of our job will made in Taiwan which presents certain high level of quality assurance.
    With one new product design or one new idea, we have technical capability to check whether they are practical enough in design mechanism for making an actual mold and a production job or not.  Also, we normally can give a very helpful advice for  the designer or the capital investor or the inventor with the way of how to save money by simplifying their mechanism but keep reaching the same product function. 

    Therefore, we are a very good friend of product designer, capital investor and inventor.
    For ear plugs project, we cooperated with Veecom for making trial mold to get the first pilot product out to check the parts function and appearance to fit the market need.  After passing all kinds of product testing, including FDA approval material, skin touch, comfort wear on ears, function test ..etc, we go into mass production stage. 

    The most highlight of this project is multi-colors applied in compression molding production job for silicone material.  Customer is very satisfied with our performance and keep shipping goods from us every year till now.


Welcome those product designer, investor, inventor and industrial engineering company who has the same silicone project come to us for giving you our best mold quotation report and satisfied high quality mold making job in Taiwan, our factory !