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Middle East-UAE-plastic containers mold and lid mold


Title:  Poly LLC, a famous medical equipment injection tool molding factory and a plastic manufacturers in UAE, came to us for making “Plastic containers mold & plastic lid mold for their “medical equipment” in 2010. 


    In 2010, their chief engineering director came to us with a mold project of making 10 molds with a very short working time.  The molds includes 4.5L square plastic container and round plastic lid each, 13.5L square plastic container and round plastic lid each, 20L square plastic container and round plastic lid each, plastic handles and knobs each.  We help them to make the mold cost investment and return analysis by giving them mold detail quotation report, helping them to choose the suitable molding machine model, helping them to calculate the best cycle time and the most optimized productivity in cost return.  Very quick, they decided to have this job done in our toolshop. 
    Total 10 molds with a very short lead time of 30~40 days, plus they had no 2D and 3D parts design, they had only samples..!  Under such inadequate working condition, we still made a very good and satisfied mold making job for them in the end !

    Firstly, we asked them to send us all samples and very rough 2D drawing they had have on hands.  Unfortunately, after checking from the samples and the very rough 2D drawing provided by them, we found there are many dimensions are not in common between the drawing data and the sample size data.  We immediately reported to them that we had to do the reverse engineering job to accomplish the 2D data and establish the 3D data.  

    In a very short time of 2~3 days, we had this reverse engineering job done, then, in another 3~5 days time, the 2D and 3D mold design job was done.  And in 30 days time, we had all mold making job down. Customer came to Taiwan attending our mold sampling job.  After the mold trial, they checked the sample, they were very satisfied with our job.  They paid the rest of payment and shipped the mold happily.  Till now, all these molds are still running in their factory and making money very day for them. 

Welcome those customers who has the same project come to us for giving you our best mold and molding price and satisfied high quality mold making job in Taiwan, our factory !