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Our 3D Printing Capability

Our 3D Printing Capability

Our 3D Printing Capability
Our 3D Printing Capability
* We have the capability to build up our own 3D printing capability ourself per our using purpose
* We build up our prototype 3D printing capability lab our own.
* Intertech makes 3D printing capability design (programming), 3D parts design checking and 3D Parts
prototype done by our own 3D printer.
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one-stop-shop” for all your mold & molding needs
Are you a crowd funding project leader or a great ideal inventor or an industrial product designer or a production factory manager or a project manager or a new parts business investor? , Intertech will be your good working partner in Taiwan who makes your dreams come true.

Intertech – Expert of Plastic Injection Industry (mold development & injection molding service)

Normally, a general mold making factory focus only on plastic injection mold, but Intertech also gets deeply involved in the silicone compression mold and metal punch die. Therefore, no matter you have plastic parts, silicone rubber parts or metal parts project, we can all manage for its tooling and production job for you here in Taiwan our factory.

For Parts: bulk or individual pack, upon customer's demands with exported carton box.

For Mold: Standard exported wooden box packed, fumigation process (upon required).

Intertech is professional injection mold and molding manufacture. We have more than 25 years of history working in injection mold and molding. Our injection mold has good reputation in countries like Germany , Denmark , Sweden , and USA market. If you have any mold and molding for injection , compression silicone rubber , punch die develop inquiry , please send us your inquiry with 2D and 3D drawing.

For Mold Inquiry, Customer Must prepare:
1.Product drawing with 2D(.dwg)and 3D (.igs, .stp…etc)?
2.Advise product material (ex. Plastic ,rubber, silicone rubber or metal…etc )?
3.Molding machine tonnage size and platen size?
4.The cavity number of the mold that you want us to quote?
5.Mold steel grade that you want us to quote?
6.Hot runner or cold runner mold required?
7.Mold gating inlet preferred?
8.Mold ejection way preferred?
9.Other related information required …(ex. Polishing , texture, engraving …etc)

For Molding Products Inquiry , customer must prepare:
1.Products material required? (ex. Plastics, rubber , silicone , metal…etc)
2.Products quality required in total?
3.Delivery time required?
4.Post machining or not information? (ex. Chromed plate.., painting …etc)
5.Assembly or not information?
6.Packing or not information?